Gasification boiler

for lump wood, briquettes, wood chips and sawdust

  • The mechanical fuel weight provides stable heat for several hours. PATENTED.
  • Comprehensive corrosion protection – 5 year warranty. PATENTED.
  • Adjustable power from 50 to 130 % for long-term quality combustion.
  • Low fuel consumption, 92 % efficiency in whole output range.
  • Special turbulators – easy and efficient cleaning of heat exchanger.
  • Inclined gasification chamber bottom for automatic ash removal.

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Gasification boiler BLAZE HARMONY
Combined boiler BLAZE HARMONY

Combined boiler

for wood, pellets briquettes, wood chips and sawdust

  • Rotary combustion chamber, maintenance-free pellet burning.
  • Distribution of air to primary and secondary combustion with optional settings. PATENTED.
  • Special bearing arrangement for smooth running. PATENTED.
  • Option of smooth combustion of low-quality pellets and agro-pellets.
  • Equithermal control unit with ecoNET module for remote access, operation and maintenance.

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pellet boilers

with rotary burner

  • The rotary combustion chamber, a pellet combustion solution with zero maintenance.
  • Configurable division of air to primary and secondary combustion. PATENTED.
  • The special bearings placement for continuous speed operation. PATENTED.
  • Low-quality pellets and agro-pellets can be burned without problems.
  • Equitherm control unit with ecoNET Internet system for remote access and service.

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Automatic pellet boilers ROTARY PELL
Automatic control unit exoMAX 850P

Automatic control unit ecoMAX

  • Sophisticated control software.
  • Boiler’s output regulation from 50 to 130 % of nominal output.
  • Exhaust fan control.
  • Equiterm control.
  • Touchscreen.
  • On-line maintenance and service posibility.

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Operation and service on-line

  • Remote access to the operation of the boiler and heating system.
  • Possibility of service interventions on-line.
  • Alarm notifications of user (service technician).
  • Intuitive control.

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25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing boilers