Ecology is the main theme in BLAZE HARMONY

Fears of deteriorating air quality resulting from the return of many households to solid fuel heating have not been realised. Nevertheless, at BLAZE HARMONY we consider ecology to be the main theme in the production of our boilers. Our aim is to continue to reduce the emissions from burning wood in our boilers to the lowest possible level. One proof of this is the new, extremely environmentally friendly, wood-fired boiler BLAZE GREEN.

Ecology is the main theme in BLAZE HARMONY

In recent years, there has often been concern about the emissions that result from the burning of solid fuels in the home. These concerns are often used as the main argument for limiting the use of solid fuels, including biomass, as a source of heat for heating. However, it is important to recognise that air quality has improved significantly over the last 20 years and this trend will continue with the phasing out of old, inadequate coal and wood burning boilers.

Fortunately, the hysteria associated with a return to the primitive burning of solid fuels in rural areas in the wake of the energy crisis has proved unfounded. Thanks to modern technology and innovations such as our Blaze Green wood gasifying boiler, we can now rely on efficient and environmentally friendly heating that minimises emissions and contributes to improving air quality.

Extremely ecological wood boiler

Blaze Harmony is known for its technologically advanced heating products. Ecology is one of the main themes that resonates throughout our product research and development. Our newest and most eco-friendly product is a wood gasifying boiler called BLAZE GREEN. This boiler represents a new generation of technology for perfect combustion and minimized emissions.

The Blaze Green boiler boasts four patented innovations that set it apart from the competition. One of the key features is the lambda probe, which automatically regulates the air supply to ensure optimum combustion. Thanks to this probe, the boiler is able to achieve high efficiencies of up to 91% across the entire output range. This means that fuel is used efficiently and fuel consumption is minimised. Boiler lifetime is also an important factor. Blaze Green is designed to last for many years without the need for frequent maintenance or replacement. The manufacturer has such confidence in its product that it provides a warranty on the boiler body for up to 7 years.

Extremely ecological wood boiler BLAZE GREEN

Another important aspect is the certification of the boiler according to the ČSN EN 303-5 standard with emission class 5. Thus, it meets the strictest ecological standards and promotes sustainable heating. In addition, the boiler complies with ECODESIGN and the boiler energy class A+, which guarantees its environmental friendliness and energy efficiency.

However, the main advantage of the Blaze Green gasifier boiler is its extremely low wood burning emissions. Thanks to the newly patented beam nozzle and the lambda probe combustion control, this boiler achieves emission values that are at the very limit of measurability, which is a considerable achievement in the field of ecological heating. In doing so, the Blaze Green still burns renewable and available biomass - wood.

We also control clean air in our offices

For us at Blaze Harmony, it is crucial not only to offer modern and innovative products, but also to contribute to improving air quality and protecting the environment. That's why we decided to work with Birdie, a company that has developed a product for monitoring CO2 levels in rooms and actively contributes to improving the working environment. This product alerts our employees to excessively high CO2 levels and motivates them to ventilate the room. This increases concentration and productivity, improves the quality of sleep and generally ensures a more frequent supply of fresh air. We are very interested in making wood heating as environmentally and air quality friendly as possible, so it is important to us that our employees are also aware of the need for regular ventilation and fresh air.


Blaze Harmony prides itself on its innovation and commitment to minimising heating emissions. The Blaze Green boiler is a great example of how high efficiency, long life and low emissions can be achieved. If you are interested in green heating, you should definitely consider a Blaze Green gasification boiler from Blaze Harmony.