Wood boilers

for lump wood, briquettes, sawdust and wood chips

Gasification boilers for lump wood, briquettes, sawdust and wood chips from BLAZE HARMONY offer a unique solution for heating your house. Patented technology and sophisticated boiler design enable almost unattended operation at low fuel consumption.


Innovative heating method

Cut plan of a wood gasification boiler BLAZE HARMONY

Advantages of BLAZE
gasification boilers

  1. The first boiler on the market with mechanical detection of residual fuel


    This unique system provides automatic stable heat (embers), causing the fan to switch off when the level of the fuel decreases. This accurate detection maintains the hot embers layer in the combustion chamber for several hours, reducing the number of times a new fire is started in the boiler per season. If the user fails to insert more fuel, a layer of unburnt carbon (in the form of charcoal) remains in the furnace, which is ideal for the next firing of the boiler without the need to clean the furnace. Just ignite the layer with a piece of paper, and you can add big logs of wood directly. An original solution that is patented.

  2. The first boiler on the market with protection against low-temperature corrosion, without the need to install a safety configuration


    The built-in thermostat with a temperature setting at 60°C and a special structure for mixing inside the boiler protects the boiler. Option of gravity connection to the storage tank without pumps. Considerable savings during installation and safe operation. 7-year warranty on the boiler body, with no additional conditions. An original solution that is patented.

  3. First boiler on the market with three-way air supply to gasification chamber


    which ensures uniform burning of fuel and allows to burn fuels of various dimensions (wood chips, sawdust, briquettes even lower quality). Pre-drying air, which is supplied (if necessary) into the upper part of the chamber will dry up any damp fuel in order to be able to burn it well and maintain high boiler efficiency and low emission values.

  4. Corrosion protection with an insulated compact hot chamber system

    Where the walls of the stoking chamber are not directly cooled by water – they are hotter, which prevents condensation. The service life of these boilers is many times longer than that of conventional gasification boilers. It also allows the combustion of moist fuel, without significantly reducing the boiler‘s service life. The increased temperature of the walls prevents the unpleasant deposition of tar in the stoking chamber. The compact gasification chamber is a separate element that is insulated from the walls of the water boiler. The chamber can be replaced.

  5. Voluminous stoking chamber

    with a burn time of up to 8 hours. Along with the stable heat, it can take up to 24 hours to next fuel stoking.

  6. Special mechanical turbulators

    Controlled by an external lever have an original and precise construction. They ensure consistent cleanliness of the exchanger and maximum efficiency boiler operation at all times.

  7. Inclined bottom of the gasification chamber

    Provides automatic ash removal from the combustion chamber during combustion, completely eliminating the need to clean it before firing it up again.

  8. Slant stoking door

    for comfortable stoking of wood and loose fuels (woodchips, sawdust, etc.) in the entire combustion chamber volume.

  9. Top boiler output adjustability

    Allows you to set the required boiler output in percentages and regulate the boiler with continuous operation. Setting reduced power will ensure a long period of combustion in the boiler, at a quality comparable to the quality at 100 % power. This solution allows the boiler to operate at a lower output (especially important in the transition period), as well as the installation of a smaller storage tank, saving expenses and space.

  10. Lambda probe

    provides high quality combustion and low emission values, whether you burn hard or soft wood. The lambda probe is an important element that measures the residual oxygen value and then, with an actuator, controls the amount and type of incoming combustion air.


The only boiler on the market with a three-way combustion air supply

The relative air ratio is determined by a multifunctional sliding curtain, controlled manually or by a lambda probe via a servo drive.

Unlike other boilers, the distribution of the air entering the fuel (pre-drying air above the fuel layer) can be easily controlled with BLAZE HARMONY boilers. The boiler can therefore also be adapted to different fuels. This allows it to efficiently burn fuels that burn easily (trimmings, wood chips, small briquettes) and fuels that are difficult to burn (large logs, wet wood).


Three-way air supply control

Pre-drying and primary air open at 100 %

Pre-drying and primary air are open at 100 %, secondary air is completely closed. In this position you can find the air supply curtain in case of burning damp wood or big logs.

Secondary air is open at 100 %, pre-drying and primary air completely closed.

Secondary air is open at 100 %, pre-drying and primary air are completely closed. In this position you can find the air supply curtain in case of burning dry wood or briquettes, where is a need for bigger amount of secondary air for high quality combustion.

Primary and secondary air open at 50 %, pre-drying air completely closed.

Primary and secondary air open at 50 %, pre-drying air completely closed. You can find the air supply curtain in this position during combustion of standard fuel.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC operation of the pyrolitic boiler

After 8 hours
Up to 24 hours
After 24 hours
After short time


Stoking - after stoking fuel to whole volume of the stoking chamber the combustion time is up to 8 hours depends on the fuel type and preset boiler output.


After 8 hours - when the fuel level decrease under the detection threshold, then the sensor sends signal and controller switch off the fan. This stops the burning process.


Up to 24 hours from the first fuel stoking, there are still hot coals (embers) in the chamber, so it is sufficient to add directly bigger logs, start the fan and combustion continues.


After 24 hours and more after first fuel stoking there will not be hot coals (embers). There will remains fuel residual in the form of charcoal. In such a case is suifficient to start the fan and with small piece of paper fire up the layer of charcoal.


After short time the charcoal fires up very well. Then it is possible to add even larger pieces of wood. The residual fuel detection mechanism provides user‘s high operation comfort due to lack of new ignitions, when user must clean the boiler and cut small pieces of wood and wait until the boiler ignites successfully.



Automatic controller ecoMAX 860 TOUCH

Sophisticated control software allows you to set the required boiler output in percentages and regulate the boiler with continuous operation. The range of possible output settings depends on the type of boiler installed. Setting of lower output will ensure a long period of combustion in the boiler, at a quality comparable to the quality at 100 % output.

This solution allows the boiler to operate at a lower output (especially important in the transition period), as well as the installation of a smaller buffer tank, saving expenses and space.

The controller also evaluates the O2 values measured by the lambda probe and controls the actuator of the primary, secondary, and pre-drying air curtain in order to maintain the set value of residual O2.

After connection of additional module this controller also controls the operation of the burner and pellet combustion, when it fluently modulates with burner output in whole range and thanks to that keeps required boiler temperature.

Controller's features:

  • boiler’s output regulation
  • exhaust fan control
  • modulating pellet burner output
  • pellet feeder control
  • boiler pump
  • HUW pump
  • HUW circulation pump
  • mixer pump
  • mixer control
  • thermostat support
  • buffer loading control
  • summer/winter mode
  • flue gas sensor
  • weather control
  • time schedules
  • STB emergency thermostat
  • reserve boiler switch
  • intelligent alarm


Internet system ecoNET

Internet system ecoNET provides to user option for remote control of the boiler and heating installation. Thanks to that user has possibility to change almost all parameters of boiler and heating system operation, but also view the history of the operation which is is displayed on a clear graph.

Remote acces to controller is possible from every device which is connected to internet, as it is tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Settings can be made via a web browser on www.econet24.com or through a mobile application which is available for Android and iOS.

Online service

Online service. The internet system is not only for user. It is useful also for service company, which may have access to the boiler data and if neccessary the service company can change the controller settings. The internet system lowers the costs for service intervention significantly.

Accessories for controller



Remote control panel with room thermostat function ecoSTER TOUCH allows you to control and change the boiler’s settings from the place, where is the thermostat installed, for example the living room.

Internet module

Additional module for controlling another heating circuits

Allows controlling of another two mixing circuit and their pumps. Also it allows to control circulation pump for HDW.

Documents to download

Wood gasification, combined and automatic boilers for wood and pellets