What is our goal?

Nature and wood have always had and will always have a place in our hearts. We believe in its irreplaceability in the heating sector. Heating with fossil fuels will soon come to an end and relying on electricity alone is not the best way to go. We have all seen that recently. This was the reason for the decision to make wood - a local, affordable and renewable fuel - something special.

Heating with wood has always been associated with effort, time-consuming and dirty. But why not try to change it? Can't it be done simply, comfortably and cleanly? These questions led us to found a Czech family company and its pioneering mission - to change the perception of wood heating itself.

We asked questions, listened, and then tried to solve all the problems and concerns that people had with wood heating. Research and development followed, resulting in innovative products that reflect the requirements of all those who want to continue to use wood to heat their homes, but who would also like to move into the third millennium in the way they use and operate their boilers.

Why the name BLAZE HARMONY? It expresses our goal. To create harmony between man and fire. Furthermore, our name is associated with the phrase "Blaze a trail", more loosely "to be a pioneer". And that is what we have achieved.

We want to bring our customers the warmth of home that can be achieved without frequent and strenuous reheating, without heavy maintenance and without daily cleaning. At the same time, we want to save fuel, nature and the planet, because we only have one. We would also like to hand over control and independence to our customers, because this is possible thanks to the combination of wood and BLAZE HARMONY products. And as a bonus to all this, to look good.

Our customer community expresses satisfaction with our products and sometimes surprises us with information about the obstacles that BLAZE HARMONY products are able to overcome with ease. We value this community where there is no shortage of advice, tips, references and discussions.

In our quest for innovation, we create advanced solutions that are more than just efficient. They are also environmentally friendly and focused on user comfort. Our values, fearlessness, uniqueness and reliability drive us to further our goals not only in the company but also in the family. A family committed to protecting nature, saving time and energy. Come and be part of it. The door is open...

We are proud of our story and the journey behind it. We will continue to share with you our milestones, anniversaries and new products that are changing the way we heat with wood. We are BLAZE HARMONY, a family-owned company from the Czech Republic committed to innovation and environmental friendliness. Join us...

… „we create impossible!“

About us

BLAZE HARMONY s.r.o. is a family-run, purely Czech company, which with its technically timeless products is among the fastest growing companies in the field. Its founder, Roman Tihelka, has been engaged in activities in the field of heating associated with biomass burning for more than 20 years. Read more about the history and present of BLAZE HARMONY.

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