Combined boiler

for wood, pellets, briquettes, wood chips and sawdust

  • +
  • Rotary combustion chamber, maintenance-free pellet burning
  • Special bearing arrangement for smooth running. PATENTED
  • Trouble-free combustion of low-quality pellets and agro-pellets
  • Automatic transition to pellet combustion
  • Competitive price, low fuel consumption
  • Enables gravity connection
  • Compact dimensions
  • Class 5

All the advantages of gasification wood boiler BLAZE COMFORT are extended with a rotary burner with automatic transition to pellet burning.

This ensures the continuous operation of the boiler, with the option of a simple transition back to manual stoking when the pellet burner turns off automatically.

The special design of the burner with a rotary combustion chamber enables the burning of low-quality pellets and agro-pellets.

This combination of options for burning various types of fuel in manual and automatic mode makes BLAZE COMFORT COMBI the most universal boiler on the market.


Combined wood and pellet boiler BLAZE COMFORT COMBI

Rotary burner for burning pellets, lower quality pellets and agropellets


Advantages of the pellet burner
with rotary combustion chamber

  1. Sophisticated construction of the burner

    Allows to burn lower quality pellets and agropellets.

  2. Rotary combustion chamber

    Maintenance-free solution for burning pellets. It is sufficient to check it before heating season.

  3. Seamless combustion chamber

    4 mm at its thinnest point. Only the refractory tube without welded parts.

  4. Modular construction

    Very simple and fast instalation and service of the burner. Quick acces to all components.

  5. Bearings placement


    The longitudinal ball bearings transfer radial loads, ensuring smooth operation of revolutions of the burner, without any abrasion of metal/metal – load transfer at least on 50 balls (according to the size of burner). For user and service that means hihg service life (lower load of the bearings) and no abrasion of burner’s metal parts.

  6. Distribution of air to primary and secondary combustion


    Patented mechanism, which ensures highest efficiency of combustion and possibility to set optimal combustion of various kinds of pellets. From output 25 kW, there is an option to regulate it thanks to the curtain.

  7. Aeration chamber

    Automatic cleaning of aeration chamber is common turning of combustion and aeration chamber. This method of automatic cleaning completely eliminates the need of manual cleaning. This eliminates periodic disassembling of the burner and service.

  8. Burning of various pellets/agro pellets

    With this system all problems are eliminated, and proces of combustion is optimized by distribution of primary and secondary air.

  9. Separating curtain in combustion chamber

    There is an air curtain used in combustion chamber. This reduce the transfer of heat to burner and it means conservation of heat in the combustion chamber.

  10. Ribbing in aeration chamber

    On which it relies the tube of fireplace – it means smaller load on whole combustion chamber.

  11. Safety feeder’s sensor

    Placed directly in feeding chamber, it guarantees high safety in case of clogging of the burner.

  12. Full automatic

    Unattended and maintenance-free operation.

Combined boilers parameters comparison

  Boiler BLAZE Usual boiler
Adjustable output YES NO
Gravity connection YES NO
Operation without electricity YES NO
Possibility of combustion of loose fuels YES NO
Possibility of combustion of wet fuels YES NO
Possibility of automatic transition to pellet combustion YES NO
Burning time (max. filled chamber) 3–8 hours 2–5 hours
Usable stocking chamber volume cca 90 % cca 70 %
(front door)
Fuel consumption 0,25–0,35 kg/kWh 0,35–0,45 kg/kWh

Dimensions and technical parameters

Rozměry kotle na pelety BLAZE COMFORT COMBI
  BCC15 BCC20 BCC25 BCC30
  mm mm mm mm
A Ø147 Ø147 Ø147 Ø147
B 1193 1193 1193 1193
C 1104 1104 1288 1288
D 544 544 544 544
E 530 530 714 714
F 1294 1294 1294 1294
G 1417 1417 1417 1417
H 45° 45° 45° 45°
I G6/4" G6/4" G6/4" G6/4"
J G1/2" G1/2" G1/2" G1/2"
K 956 956 956 956
L 937 937 937 937
M 367 367 367 367
N 127 127 127 127
O 127 127 127 127
  BCC15 BCC20 BCC25 BCC30
Nominal output wood (kW) 15 20 25 30
Adjustable output wood (kW) 7,5–15 10–20 12,5–25 15–30
Nominal output pellets(kW) 15 20 20 20
Adjustable output pellets (kW) 4–15 5–20 5–25 5–25
Efficiency wood/pellets (%) 92/94 92/94 93/94 94/94
Emission class 5
Ecodesign YES
Energy class A+
Logs length (mm) 350 350 500 500
Pellet diameter (mm) 6–8
Stoking chamber volume (dm³) 80 80 120 120
Weight (kg) 360 360 470 470
Maximal operation pressure (bar) 3 3 3 3
Exchanger water volume (l) 40 40 55 55
Fuel silo volume (l) optional


Internet system ecoNET

Internet system ecoNET provides to user option for remote control of the boiler and heating installation. Thanks to that user has possibility to change almost all parameters of boiler and heating system operation, but also view the history of the operation which is is displayed on a clear graph.

Remote acces to controller is possible from every device which is connected to internet, as it is tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Settings can be made via a web browser on or through a mobile application which is available for Android and iOS.

Online service

Online service. The internet system is not only for user. It is useful also for service company, which may have access to the boiler data and if neccessary the service company can change the controller settings. The internet system lowers the costs for service intervention significantly.

Accessories for controller



Remote control panel with room thermostat function ecoSTER TOUCH allows you to control and change the boiler’s settings from the place, where is the thermostat installed, for example the living room.

Internet module

Additional module for controlling another heating circuits

Allows controlling of another two mixing circuit and their pumps. Also it allows to control circulation pump for HDW.